Business in Malta

Business in Malta

How nice it is to have the possibility to combine leisure with work!

And Malta gives everyone the chance to do it…
Malta is a wonderful tiny country in the Mediterranean Sea with a very warm climate all year round, with minimum temperature not under 12°.  Malta became a member of EU in 2004 and in 2008 adopted the Euro as its currency. Malta has a very stable political and banking system, and an excellent educational system.
Malta has two national languages: English and Maltese and 70% of local people also speak and understand Italian, which gives a perfect opportunity to build business relationships and successful collaboration with a lot of countries.

Soleto Travel provides high-professional services of business consulting, help and support to find the best solution to start-up a new company, transfer a business, or becoming a resident of Malta.

Why is it profitable to develop a business in Malta, some of the advantages are...

  • Malta is the only EU state with a full imputation system.
  • An effective net Malta Tax rate of 5% on company trading profits following the receipt of the relevant refunds (one of the lowest net Tax rates in the EU).
  • Participation exemption on dividends or capital gains from qualifying holdings resulting in no Tax payable in Malta on such revenue.
  • Low company maintenance costs coupled with a skilled workforce.
  • No withholding Tax levied on outbound dividends, interest and royalties.
  • No unreasonable transfer pricing rules
  • Company law is based on UK company law and is in line with EU Directives.
  • Possibility for companies to exchange their share capital into major foreign currencies
  • Tax is paid and refunded in the same currency thereby minimizing exchange rate risks.
  • Possibility to migrate companies to and from Malta.
  • The endorsement of the new Tax reforms by the European Commission ensures a secure future for financial services in Malta which sanctions and preserves intact its competitive imputation system.
  • Political and economic stability – both parties have a political track record of achieving consensus on issues related to international business.
  • English is an official language in Malta and all legislation and official documentation must be both in Maltese and in English.
  • Malta enjoys a wide double Tax treaty network with over 60 countries.

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